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March 29, 2012. Sometime after midnight I crossed into Zimbabwe. The first border without the safety of the truck was a smooth but lengthy affair.
On my arrival in Bulawayo – not typical of my experience with African busses almost on time – I discovered that there are in fact female cab drivers in Africa. Good news!
However, after I also discovered that any excursion outside the city – Khami Ruins, Matopos… – would be a very costly affair I decided to leave for Masvingo and the Great Zimbabwean Ruins tomorrow and to use today to wander the wide avenues of Bulawayo.


March 12, 2012. Yesterday we arrived in Cape Town. With this the first part of my journey ends. From here on I’m off the truck and on my own.

I’ll stay in Cape Town for a week. This is my ‘vacation from vacation’, an opportunity to recharge the batteries and start thinking about my route up North.

End of part 1